Three reasons to visit island garden cottage

The island garden cottage in mind today is the Whidbey Island Garden Cottage. It is in Langley, Washington, United States of America.



  • Each night – $99
  • Weekly price – $650
  • Extra people – $10 each night after two guests
  • Cleaning fee – $50
  • Cancellation – Moderate
  • Minimum stay – 2 nights

 Check in/ check out

3 pm/ 11 am


  • Kitchen
  • Internet – continuous access wireless
  • Shampoo
  • Heating-central heating or a heater
  • Essentials
  • Free on-premise parking

Here is why you should visit this island garden cottage:

  1. The space

This quiet and secluded cottage is on 6 acres of land, and it is suitable for friends, families and couples. The cottage is cozy with two floors, three bedrooms and one bathroom (with a shower).  The main floor has got one bedroom that has a queen bed, and the upper floor has two roomy bedrooms that have an attic space. One of these bedrooms has got a double sized futon while the other bedroom has got two twin beds. These bedrooms do not have closing doors hence semi-private but they do not look into one another.

You shall find a fold-out couch in the living area.

While the house can accommodate up to 6 people, it is great for close friends and family. If couples would like to use it, we recommend a maximum of 2 couples to ensure privacy.

The kitchen is not lacking at all.  It has got a coffee machine, stove, refrigerator, oven, pans, pots, utensils, dishes and so much more. You can also use of the outdoor kitchen and barbeque.

The cottage is exceptionally clean, has got comfortable beds and usable closet space.

The cottage from the main road is only ¼ a mile. This place has gorgeous flowers, an orchard and vegetable gardens for its surroundings. You are welcome to eat the organic vegetables, berries and fruits grown on the grounds.

Enjoy your evenings around our outdoor fire pit.

While the cottage is separate from the house you are staying in; there is help on site so do not hesitate to ask for help.

 House rules

  • Leave your shoes on the porch
  • There is no smoking within the house or on the porch. Use the recycle container on the back porch.
  • No pets
  1.  Activities

You could visit the local community because it is artistic, friendly and vivacious.

Visit the coffee shops, restaurants, theater, go to the local movie house, take a look at the art galleries, and go for local music events.

Do you love travelling? You could make a trip to the beach front town, 2 miles from the cottage. It is 10 minutes to the beaches if you want to hike, kiteboard, windsurf and kayak. Indulge in the ½ mile walk into the thick forest and enjoy the hiking and mountain bike trails.

You could also visit the gorgeous state parks. There are four of them.

  1. Safety amenities
  • First aid kit
  • Smoke detector
  • Fire extinguisher

I believe that space, activities and safety precautions shall draw you to this fantastic place.

Health Guide: Relax and visit the Spa at the Island Garden Cottage


Frequently when you are hoping to take a get-away you presumably need to have the most push free experience you can discover, for this situation you can’t turn out badly if you consider heading off to a spa resort. Spa resorts incorporate offices that are completely specific towards going to and helping you to de-stress that tiny bit more…and it can all be incorporated in a bundle bargain if you pick.

Spa resorts can be discovered all inclusive and relying upon the piece of the world that you picked may rely on upon the kind of experience you have. Numerous are equipped towards a specific treatment or encounters and the experience or treatment may exist around what normal assets are accessible in the prompt encompassing zone where they are arranged. You may like to visit a spa resort in a cooler atmosphere, for instance in Alaska or Colorado, or maybe some place warm in a district, for example, Hawaii? Then again for a more profound ordeal some place encourage away from home, maybe in the Far East. Decisions are wide when it comes to going by a spa resort so it is useful to begin some exploration.

Investigating Through Travel Agents

The Travel Agent in your neighborhood be a decent place to start if you don’t have much thought regarding which spa resort to pick. They will have the capacity to make bookings and spa arrangements for yourself and various visitors to visit the spa resort of your decision. The travel specialists ought to additionally help you organize transportation to get to and from, and in addition any transportation you may require when you arrive. The travel specialists will do all the work for you, which will help simplicity significantly more stretch from your life. Every now and again numerous individuals consider doing bookings, for example, this eye to eye particularly if they are uncertain about or new to the internet.

Research and Booking on the Internet

Today it is simple quest for a resort or excursion alone by means of the internet, the main issue that may emerge is that the decision will be unending. You can however peruse at your recreation so you will have additional time staring you in the face to settle on a choice, it might be ideal if you have some thought before looking of the kind of spa experience you may like. Just go online and begin scanning for spa resorts in any state or city you’d like. There are numerous organizations online that exist exclusively to help you discover the destination and medicines you would like. Seeking on the internet serves to locate the best arrangements and inquiry through what various top travel specialists are putting forth. Online client audits likewise will help with helping you to settle on a choice as surveys from individual encounters absolutely are significant. There is no trailing around the high road going to every specialist one by one to locate the best arrangement. Contingent upon what number of individuals are going and what time of year it is you ought to have the capacity to discover awesome offers on resorts. You won’t be frustrated, be that as it may, regardless of where you go because spa resorts spend significant time in dealing with you and spoiling you totally.

What Can You Expect?

Going to a spa resort gives you the merited opportunity to unwind, loosen up and restore over a span of time. By staying there for a broadened span of time you will have the opportunity to take after specific medicines that may require more than one session or perhaps a customized health improvement plan under the right direction. You will be gone to from the minute you arrive, and spoiled and ruined much like a VIP.

If you have booked as a component of a bundle bargain then everything that you oblige ought to be prepared for you. Like such a large number of things that are beneficial for you going by a spa resort can get to be and dependence and for the individuals who live a focused on calendar a spa resort might simply be the destination for you. If you turn into a general guest you may have the capacity to get a markdown for rehash visits. It may not be too much sooner than you return over and over.

3 activities to do while enjoying your holiday in Island Garden Cottage


Do you want to go for a vacation out of the hustle and bustle of life? Then you could think of visiting the Kangaroo Island garden cottages. They are at 92 Third Street, 5223 Kingscote, Australia.

There are activities you can do while here. They include sightseeing, fishing, and walks. Let us see some of the places where you can engage in these activities.

North Coast

There are some sites in the western location of The North Coast. They include Western River Cove and Snellings Beach, Cape Borda, Emu Bay, Scott Cove and Harvey’s Return, Stokes Bay and Paul’s Place Farm


On this side, you shall find Harvey’s Return, Cape Borda, and Scott Cove

Drive along the Playford Highway, through Parndana, until you are at Cape Borda. Here you can get ranger-guided tours of the lighthouse. However, on the tour scheduled for 12:30 pm, you can also enjoy cannon firing. You also take walks around Cape Borda. If that does not seem satisfactory or it does not meet your fancy, there are some other activities that you may indulge in, and they include:


Take a drive to Scott’s Cove and park at the peak of a spectacular sea cliff. Here you can see fantastic views all the way to Cape Torrens; the highest sea cliffs in the South of Australia.


Park at Harvey’s return and take a walk down the track that leads you to the cove. It is here that suppliers for the lighthouse keepers in the olden days alighted from the ships. That was before the road was built.


Drive down through the track to Ravine des Casoars. After that, take the path that leads you to the Ravine Beach. This walk is close to 2 hours both ways, therefore, do not forget to carry lunch and water for the journey. Upon reaching the beach, continue to the cliff that overhangs to the north. Here, you shall fling a picturesque cave. Do not forget to bring a torch along.

Take the Playford Highway to get back to Kingscote.


On this side is the Snellings Beach and Western River Cove.

If you love fishing, Snellings Beach is the best place to go. You can fish from the headlands or beach and at Middle River for large Bream.

Hinders Chase

When you visit here, you shall see remarkable rocks, Platypus, Weirs Cove, and Admirals Arch.

Start driving from Kingscote along Playford Highway until you are at West End Highway. Then drive down the highway and turn to your right. That shall get you to the South Coast road, drive until you are at the entrance to Finders Chase. From this point on, it is crucial to drive slowly.

After five minutes of driving through rather tall gum trees, you shall reach clear land that is near the old Rocky River Homestead. Slow down so you can see the kangaroos and some Cape Barren geese.

Park your car at Finders Chase Information car park. There you shall take a walk through native vegetation to reach the centre where you shall buy an entry pass. While here, take some time to acquaint yourself with the fauna that once covered the place. Your children can also dig up fossils from the fossil pit.

Health Guide: How to Pick the best Pressure Cooker?

The utilization and popularity of a Pressure cooker is expanding step by step. Also, with the most recent advancement in cookware innovation this popularity is setting off to the high as can be. This is the reason that it has taken a top stand in each kitchen. It has turned into the most important cookware in both customary and present day kitchens. Today if you don’t have one in your cookware then you are passing up a major opportunity the obligations of this astonishing piece.


There are a wide range of sorts of cookers accessible in the business. (Check here to find out the difference in cooking among different places) Every client has different necessities; this is the motivation behind why each client search for a different cooker. They have their criteria and vision while picking the best Pressure cooker to improve their cooking practice.

In the world where there are numerous local and nourishment differences. Everybody has his priority and has its own taste. Their prerequisite likewise changes starting with one then onto the next. Therefore, there are a few sorts of cookers from different brands accessible here. In any case, as there are numerous models and brands accessible, discovering the best is confounding. So if you are scanning for the best Pressure  cooker for your kitchen then you have to know how to pick the right piece. Here are few focuses to recollect while making your buy.

The Size or its Capacity

In the first place and the most important thing is the capacity. The size or capacity relies on upon the individuals in your family or the amount of sustenance you for the most part cook. A Pressure  cooker comes in different capacity, you need to locate the best which fits your needs. The capacity or size is measured in liters. You can purchase any size of cooker according to your require. There are little to goliath size Pressure  cookers accessible in the business sector.

The Security

Security is the first thing while purchasing any kind of cooker. Its Review painstakingly for the security measures and search for the certified logo which characterizes the well-being and temperature level. Read how people can detect objects with Metal Detector. 

Its Usefulness

There is not any convoluted usefulness gave in a Pressure cooker however it must have the capacity for Pressure  setting. Check distinctly, whether the item has obliged usefulness or not.

The Utilization

Aluminum cookers are cheap and cooks quick yet imprinted effectively while stainless steel Pressure cookers are expensive yet are dependable.

  1. How would you plan to utilize you’re cooker? Cooking, canning or both? The Pressure cooker, You pick, ought not be utilized to can nourishments. It doesn’t meet the USDA measures for a canner If you anticipate utilizing it for both cooking and canning, purchase a Pressure canner. It is more qualified for both cooking a feast and canning.
  2. What size pot is sufficient? The size of the pot can be a significant factor in the amount you pay for the comfort of cooking nourishment under Pressure. A six-quart pot is the most widely recognized size.

You can also check the best shower head review here.

Shower Guide: How to Choose the Best Shower Head?


There are numerous sorts of shower heads sold in the business sector today. They are sold by the material they are made of and how they let water out of them. They might either be made of chrome, stainless steel or plastic, and they could let water out in a plane stream or precipitation like design, and the quality of the water stream of a few heads can even be balanced. Not just this, they likewise come in different plans and hues. With every one of those alternatives, picking the best shower head can be confounding. Here are a few tips to help you pick the head that is best for your needs.

Consider your Budget

There are heaps of showerheads out there, and their costs change. Permitting your financial plan administer your decisions is a decent approach to slender down your decisions. Heads costs can run from the suspiciously shoddy to the ludicrously extravagant. You can locate an entire scope of shower heads inside of the financial backing that you have set. However, be aware of the costs of the different ones. Keep in mind that you have to discover one that gives you the most esteem for your cash.

Consider your needs

Presently, consider what you requirement for your washroom. There are individuals who need a consistent, tender surge of water, while others like it solid and truly strong. Some need a movable head so that they could change the water stream as needs be, you can check out reviews and blogs online to learn more and do some proper research on sites such as for the different types of shower heads

A great many people search for space-sparing heads that would not consume much room in their washroom roof or divider. Others esteem the configuration, and for them it is the particular case that can supplement the outline or topic of their washroom. Whatever you’re needs are, precisely think of them as and pick a quality head that you think will be best for your lavatory.


Presently set up together your financial plan contemplation and your needs and inclinations and utilization them as information for your exploration. It is vital for you to discover data on the best shower head buy that you can make in view of your financial plans and needs. Looking through aides like this is extremely useful. Who knows, you may even discover a rebate coupon. You can discover data utilizing magazines, indexes, and sites and gathering exchanges. Magazines and indexes are useful because they give pertinent data you need like pictures, value records and audits, and you can make certain that they are from a believable source. Be that as it may, you should be aware of the date when the magazine or index is distributed. Web-based sources like electronic indexes, organization sites, survey pages and gathering examinations are likewise advantageous to utilize because they are for nothing, however be watchful as well. Verify that the site is dependable and is later.

Presently discovering a shower head is not that difficult any longer. Try and follow these tips for you to have the capacity to pick the best shower head that you requirement for your home.

Island Garden Cottage Hobby Guide: Rent a Metal Detector and Take it to the Beach (3 fun things to do with a Metal Detector)


If you’ve recently bought a metal Detector or you’re investigating making that sort of procurement, welcome to the club. I as of late acquired my third metal identifier. There is numerous fun distinguishing exercises you can do either with the entire family or alone. The principal and most common action is to go to the shoreline and brush the sand, particularly after a storm. The rough waters raise treasures from the remote ocean; likewise individuals every now and again lose gems at the shoreline because they evacuate rings, neckbands, and studs before they get in the water. At that point they are either lost in the sand or essentially deserted.

The Coin shooting

Another fun thing is called “coin shooting.” This is just utilizing your metal identifier as a part of zones where there are or were huge group with a specific end goal to discover lost change. Toward the day’s end, one of three things will have happened. The two no doubt circumstances are that your Headhunter Land Pro metal Detector  will have yielded a pocket loaded with change or you’ll go home flat broke aside from the affectionate recollections. Be that as it may, here and there, you’ll discover truly old coins or fortunes that are really very significant. While it’s not the standard, it does happen, and the likelihood dependably keeps it energizing. There was a festival nearby simply a week ago and my sister and I simply needed to go fortune chasing for coins. I utilized my Garrett Ace 350 and my Detector Pro gun test and my sister as a rule, brings along her headhunter professional and we generally attempt to contend to see who finds the most coins but if you don´t have a metal detector you should find some treasure hunting equipment reviews and find the MD that fits your needs as there are many different types out there to choose from

I have been fortune chasing with my metal Detector’s longer than she has so that gives me favorable position. At that point I later range the region a second time in the all metals or coins include just verifying I haven’t missed a decent find. Once you try this activity I know you will plan your next visit here. Are you looking for a good place for your vacation? Check here! 

It’s Awesome activity that you can enjoy with

The individuals who utilize a metal indicator will basically be strolling in different situations. If you need to stay fit as a fiddle, you may discover yourself hesitant to go for strolls, or be not able to summon the inspiration to do it frequently. Be that as it may, with a metal indicator, making a go at strolling can be enjoyable.


The Metal Detectors are regularly used to discover old coins, adornments, artifacts and different articles. While it is uncommon, it is not obscure for somebody to discover something important.

The JYG&CO was begun in October of 2006 in light of an obvious vision. The thought of satisfying our client’s necessities and building a progressing and dependable association with our clients is our number one need. We view ourselves as to be moral and legit. We are consistently enhancing the way we work together with each of everyone of you. You can also look at how you can choose the best pressure cooker for your home! 

Hard Water Problems in Island Garden Cottage

Whenever, we think about an asset or property at any sea adjacent area; the first thing that comes to our mind, is the quality of the water, which is an important issue due to normal salinity of water. While people plan for their vacation or honeymoon trip, the issue of hard water in any sea-beach or island hotels, restaurants or garden cottages has to be addressed with proper care.

The Hard Water and the Related Problem


Hard water is nothing but one that has high amount of mineral salt, mainly ions of magnesium and calcium. Although all hard water is not harmful for our body or health in general but the containment of minerals, it has the potential of damaging the skin, hair and can also affect internal organs. When the water comes to us a rain, it considered as soft because of negligible or free mineral contamination but while it encountered with rocks, soil and sand; potentially succumbed to mineral contagion and considered as hard water.

The hard water not only affects the human body; it also damages the pipeline and other fixtures, to a great extent, due to harmful mineral in water source. Although there other minerals or objects in hard water but the two particular minerals, calcium and magnesium, create the principal problem because due to heat these elements get precipitated from water and encrust onto specific items as mineral deposits. As a result of this deposition, the pipelines and fixtures got clogged or destroyed, which eventually halt the free and smooth flow of water. The hard water effectively damages the utensils, water heater and Geyser and forced the owner to go for regular maintenance or replacement on a regular interval. While the hard water effectively destroy the color and quality of any cloth, it causes serious threat to taste of tea, coffee and other cooked items.

Solutions to get rid of hard water problem

People generally address this issue with a solution by installing water purifier or softener, both in domestic or industrial purpose, which is quite expensive and the regular maintenance and other related costs are also very high. But hotels and properties like island garden cottages are generally take this decision with an aspiration to provide the best service to their valued clientele; otherwise the very essence of the business can be ruined. Find out how you can find the best shower head from here! 

Apart from the aforementioned solution; there are some other means, which can be recommended for lessening the hard water problem, which, as a result, saves money and safeguard the property from vulnerability. These solutions or measures are as follows:

  • The rinsing agent and/or distilled vinegar can be used to removal of white coat or spots in dishwasher, which safeguard the items from possible destruction.
  • Reduction of the temperature of the hot water machine or geyser will be very helpful in arresting the possible deposition of harmful minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Time to time running of hot white vinegar through the tea or coffee making machine will be helpful in getting the intended taste.